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Tom and Marta's video shorts from the '90s were presented at film festivals and art centers. Though the projects had budgets of only a few hundred dollars, and several were shot on Pixelvision, they won awards and received national attention.

Libertatia/Urban Survival - Documentary. Two anarchist squatters start a free housing experiment, publish an underground newspaper, and produce the Lundi Gras concert with Crash Worship, a tribal percussion group known for pyrotechnics and shamanism.
Hallwalls — Buffalo, NY: Sacred Cow Video Show
Let Me Tell You Why I Do It - A punk mash-up of commercials and documentary footage satirizing the American Dream enabled by the CIA's expansionism.
Artists Against War — N.O. Contemporary Arts Center
First Prize Louisiana Media Award
The Thunder, Perfect Mind - Spoken-word artist Lydia Lunch narrates ancient Gnostic text, scored with Tom's music. Pixelvision.
First Prize. Louisiana Film & Video Shorts.
New Orleans Film Festival
State Dept. International Film Symposium — New Orleans
Loose Among the Ruins Loose Among The Ruins - A prisoner escapes into an urban dreamscape. Pixelvision.
New Orleans Film Festival: Best Experimental Video
Hallwalls — Buffalo, NY: Sacred Cow Video Show
Pixel This Festival — Venice Beach, CA
State Dept. International Film Symposium — New Orleans
Dualities - Documentary. New Orleans Burlesque artist GiO in her Man/Woman performance. Pixelvision.
Second Prize. Louisiana Film & Video Shorts
Disposable Income Disposable Income - Narrative. A death row inmate explains her reason for the murders.
Produced with a NOVAC grant.
New Orleans Film Festival
National Library Association Convention — New Orleans
Duke's Disciples - Documentary. A look at Louisiana's reactionary whites who see David Duke as Savior.
Louisiana Film & Video Shorts
Videos from that era are being edited for web release. Available soon.