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M U S I C  &  S O U N D T R A C K S

Released Released  Supernatural Thriller  2012
Short film by Van Neal.   Original soundtrack by Tom Murphy.

A prisoner has a recurring dream of a girl he doesn't know. He believes she's trying to contact him.

Greetings from Tom,
One of my favorite life-long habits is to gather a few brave pals for creative songwriting sessions. Usually we mess around on a couple of cover tunes, then get down to writing our own. The goal is to have fun recording our music and hopefully capture magic. So in no particular order, here are artifacts from years of allowing our souls to wander.

Mood Disorders Mood Disorders — Allison Gordin and I explored country, blues and vintage rock. Head over to Spooky LA on Soundcloud for the set. Our original songs are personal and kinda scary, ideal for the soundtrack to Marta's photography book The House on Rue Burgundy.

Boojie Boojie — My alter-ego lives at
Queen Of Darkness is a country-picking love song and Oh Sheena is a happy-to-see-ya song featuring my brother Owen on drums.

The Thunder, Perfect Mind The Thunder, Perfect Mind — These compositions had a visual component in The Thunder video. Lydia Lunch unleashed an ancient voice to narrate Gnostic text over a shimmering soundtrack evoking a caravan crossing the Sahara Desert.

Dualities Dualities — My collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Brian Carey is a personal favorite. Our compositions flowed with intuition and in-the-moment realizations. I'm on 12-string, Brian is on bass.

11 Tracks On The Tracks — I record backing tracks using Ableton Live for my solo guitar sets at gallery openings. My electronica songs are built with Operator, scale sets and arpeggiators. Chord sequences are played live. No loops used. Four selections from the set of 11:
Disposable Income Disposable Income — This soundtrack was recorded in Allison's spacious Victorian house. The Mood Disorders called up ghosts with the haunting Bone Dust and an instrumental version of Treacherous.
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The CRISUS performances were stunt action with little dialogue. The elaborate set design and wardrobe were early cyber-punk/Mad Max.

Excerpts from experimental soundtracks:


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