Crime Drama

When a pastor saves his orphanage by laundering drug money, then runs off with the cash, he’s pursued by a Mexican cartel.


Josue Collot runs a boys' orphanage on the Tex-Mex border. At his side is Maggie, his compassionate religious wife. The formidable couple give it their all, but the bank is foreclosing. Josue puts on his best suit, fundraises with charm and persuasion, yet the city's coffers are reserved for important business leaders.

Then a generous gift arrives from a childhood buddy— Gavilan Torres, an orphan who became a mid-level drug dealer. Gavi is looking to do one good deed before he dies. But the gift has strings— laundering drug millions through Josue's Haitian charity. If he refuses, the orphans will have to find shelter elsewhere.

Josue accepts Gavi’s donation but instead of laundering the money, diverts it to a secret offshore account. Along with his new Cadillac, Rolex, and Armani suits, he gains influence, but loses his faith. A not-so-secret affair tears at his marriage.

When Gavi’s men kidnap Josh, he escapes into the desert. But Gavi’s boss, a ferocious Mexican drug lord, will get his money. And revenge. As Josh's father often preached: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."