A novel of love and horror set in New Orleans

  • "Never go back. She can be anyone, take any form," were his mother's last words before committing suicide. Advice quickly forgotten by Michael who sails through life until he tries to sell his family's abandoned plantation.

  • So when loved ones mysteriously begin to die and his girlfriend disappears, he's forced to descend to the underworld to confront the malevolent creature his mother warned him about.

Marta wickedly mixed the spine-chilling moments with the funny and the sarcastic. All the characters seemed so real, each with their flaws and their idiosyncrasies; even the most minor characters were very well-constructed, and there was something to be loved about each of them. The setting in New Orleans was perfect for the story-mysterious, swampy, full of contradictions. I couldn’t help imagining it as a movie. Bottom line, I loved it!

L on Amazon
January 29, 2015
Some of the sexiest love scenes I've read in a while. This filmic horror novel is a fast and fun read. There's a flawed hero with serious mother issues and a lonely monster with her own displacement at its core. And you get this in a Southern Gothic setting. What's not to love?

Lucinda Gavrielatos on Amazon
September 25, 2015
It reminded me of many of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's works. It keeps you in suspense with unexpected twists and turns. It has an added flavor of romanticism, eroticism and historical fiction. It is also clear that it has been well researched, especially to what pertains to Mythological figures. Quite a page turner. I am looking forward to her next writings.

Dr. Luis Figueroa
February 2, 2015

Julien's Journal

In The Return, Michael discovers a leather-bound book with his ancestor's hand-written confession revealing the dark source of the Delacroix wealth.
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The Girl in Yellow: Rose makes a bargain with the creature, sealing Michael's fate.

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Marta was born in Colombia, South America and raised in New Orleans. Magical realism and myth have been part of her world since childhood.
She's had two photo books published: Carnival Dreams and The House on Rue Burgundy.
Her latest novel,Acapulco Buds, is a dark comedy set in the 1960s- love, war, dope, the CIA... and Go-Go dancing.

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